If You are interested in hibernated snails with High Quality at a reasonable price, we can offer exactly what You are looking for! If you have specific requirements regarding size and quality, we are the ones who will prepare the best product for You!

The Hibernation is one of the important stages for each season

Precision sort of the production.

  • Small size below 0.17 g. (between 620 / 700 pieces in each box);
  • Medium size. Average weight between 0.17g / 20 g. (between 520 and 620 pieces in each box);
  • Big size. Average weight between 0.20 g / 0.25 g .+ (between 420 / 520 pieces in each box)

Packaging to customer requirements.

Our snails are supplied in plastic boxes, each 10.5 kg

Precise temperature control storage in freezer

Professional refrigerated transport to all destinations of Europe

All necessary documents to the requirements of the EU and the Republic of Bulgaria