The Farm

Snail farm “PP Helix”..

So it all began

Snail farm “PP Helix” was built in 2012 for the purpose of breeding and rearing of snails of the type Helix Aspersa Maxima. The climate in Bulgaria allow successful breeding precisely this type of snails. Helix Aspersa Maxima or Big  gray snail is favored delicacy of Europe’s leading restaurants.

The initial area of the park is 2140 square meters This allows the cultivation of 600 thousand to 750 thousand Snails. The average number density of settlement is 280/350 snails per  square meters. With proper cultivation, the farm has a capacity of 6 to 8 tons of  hibernate snails per season.

Calculated from the area of the park, we use 1200 pcs. wooden trays with a total surface area of 1090 m2.  These wooden trays create shade and size of the bond equal to 51% of the total park area.

The paths, which are used by service personnel are made of limestone fraction (95% limestone) and are located in an area of 645 square meters.  This allows the snails obtaining the required amount of calcium to build healthy and beautiful shells.

Last but not least is made by us “fence” limiting the free exit of snails outside the parks. For this purpose, use coarse salt (crystals), placed in a so-called. “Channels”.

Despite the present positive results, we do not stop each seasonal modernize of the farm.