About the snails

За охлювите

We will tell you interesting things about the snails we grow

“The snail grazes purest and most fragile grass and it becomes the finest soup.

In Sweden and Switzerland, for example, soup snail is considered a great delicacy, because the snail is a measure of the purity of the grass in the world. No cow, not sheep but the snail. Where going the snails, then there is clean.

The snail grazes and is the benchmark for cleanliness. From snail, my mother cooked stews at least ten types, women from Gabrovo – twenty types , women from Triavna – thirty species. The snail and mushroom are delicacies. But who rates the snail? None.

We take stinking beef, old and tough, so that wolves would not eat it and pay for it tenfold more. Why? Because we are ignorant in nutrition. The Food of the human, Mr. Pamukchiev, is the basis of life. But about this basis we know so little ”


“Meetings with Burov”

Author: Michael Topalov Pamukchiev – 1990

Publishing house INTERPRES 67